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Getting to Know Us



Before starting a process, it is imperative to get to know the people you will be involved with. This is one of the basis on which every new relationship starts at the BIS ALBANIA GROUP. We have a very thorough selection process when i comes to deciding who shall become part of our organisation, and we fully expect applicants to have a thorough selection process when deciding to be part of us. Even though we operate in a diverse range of sectors, independently of the department, you will always have the full support of the company with any issues that might arise.



The Supervisory Board


The Supervisory Board is composed of the founders and owners of the group. As a Limited company, all share holders are part of the supervisory board, also known as, Shareholder Assembly.

The Board meets officially, at least, once a year and is in charge of overseeing and approving accounts for the past year, setting administrative decisions for the coming year and approving the general course of action set forth by the CEO.



The CEO is in charge of executing and supervising all actions set forth by the Supervisory Board. He has the authority to call the Supervisory Board on urgent notice should any actions requiring board approval be under discussion.

The CEO delegates executioner duties to the Executive Director.



The Executive Director



The Executive Director reports directly to the CEO. He is in charge if the general supervision of the different divisions through the division directors and in parallel he supervises that all is in accordance with legal and accounting.


Division Directors, Legal and Financial Departments

The different divisions have separate directors, to whom all members of the division report. The Legal and Financial department handle all necessary according work for these divisions and they all must report to the Executive Director.


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