Sunday, 16th of December 2018


Encouraging Values



Here at BIS ALBANIA GROUP we have always encouraged good business values. Being like a big family, our team is by far the most valuable asses that we have.


“Genius is 1% talent and 99% percent hard work...”

- Albert Einstein


With this in mind, we always provide a good environment for both horisontal and vertical progression for all our members. We value fortitude and the ability to grow more resilient with each obstacle. Where others see difficulty we see opportunity. These are all values and virtues that every member of the BIS ALBANIA Family embodies.


In the thrive to expand our business, we continuously look for new talent that has what it takes to join our team. By working for our group you will be in an environment that will allow you to invest not only in the company but also in yourself. We make it an imperative to always respect our people and make sure that the same goes the other way round.


In the environment that we create, motivation is something that we make a point to provide for all our people and the same must happen from them. We encourage our team to explore new paths, take new initiatives and reach decisions. Entrepreneurship is a skill that we very much look for and we value it very much. With are more than happy to place our assets at the disposal of this very valuable asset for each of the people in our family.


We commit to each of our team members and we expect the same thing in return. Honesty must be a milestone of every relationship between our people and us and vice verse.

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