Sunday, 16th of December 2018


Business Operations



BIS ALBANIA GROUP has a variety of concluded, active, passive and potential business opportunities under consideration. Activities of these operations vary over a wide scale depending on the group's level of involvement, stake of investment, and particular role.


The group also involves itself in various non-profit and charitable activities that create possibilities to help communities to develop and create better and more resourceful positions for creating more competitive postures in potential markets.


The operations that usually carry the most weight within the group are Real Estate Investment operations. Aside from offering products and services through this division, the group will very frequently get involved in the project as an investor and carry a share in the project. The portfolio of past projects is quite concentrated on Civil Real Estate, with a focus on commercial and mixed use developments.


With the current dynamics in the present market trends, the focus of the group, in terms of future development, is going to start focusing on Industrial Real Estate and Energy.


Another large area of focus for the group, as a short to mid term plan, will be the attraction of Foreign Direct Investment. Having the experience, knowledge and business infrastructure that we do, we offer a great partnership possibility for anyone wishing to expand their operations into the markets that the group covers.



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