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FDI Support and Local Partnership Division



The history of our group initiated as one of the first privately owned companies in Albania. This entity, ICO, started as a partnership with one of the first foreign investors to come into the country seeking new opportunities and looking to expand operations into new markets. The initial operations of this partnership were those of construction and ventures into the privatizations from the government.


The group then expanded its operations into retail and commercial real estate development through a second partnership with foreign investment forming the company Inplastreg. These operations were then liquidated and are now privately owned by the partners.


The FDI Partnership division serves as a one stop shop for foreign investors wishing to enter the local market. Whether trying to expand their operations or looking for untapped ventures, we are able to offer full support in all industry and market areas. Depending on the particular deal, we are able to operate in a number of ways and engage as a contractor or as a partner.


The different range of operations covered by our group allows us to be exposed to a multitude of investment possibilities. Please get in touch with us if you are interested to know more.


- Foreign Direct Investment and New Partnerships Division

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Support and Local Partnership for FDI


Foreign Direct Investment into Industry


Depending on the type of industry that the investment is oriented towards, there are a number of considerations to be put forward before any decisions are taken. Through is different business divisions, the group is able to offer solutions for investment to foreign entities in the form of Special Purpose Vehicles.


The group will set up a new entity and through that engage in the new venture. When the development of this entity has reached a per-agreed stage, the FDI entity is able to purchase the shares as per agreement.





Foreign Direct Investment for the Retail Sector


The retail sector in the region has developed immensely in the past 23 or so years. The last decade has seen a movement of the retail sector towards the large chain investment. This is a very open and potentially large sector in the region.


The group's FDI division will offer its services to the investor from the moment of company set up till the business is up and running.







Foreign Direct Investment for the Tourism Industry


One of the main priorities in Albania is the promotion of it tourist potential. Numerous advantages are to be seen in the change of legislation and support from local and central government towards the development of this sector and the optimization of the framework around which the sector is built.


The group will offer all needed services and support to the FDI initiative for the building of a successful venture in this sector. Through our Real Estate Development Division we have a large amount of market knowledge in terms of land and development opportunities and legislation that are at the disposal of the FDI support division.




Local Partnership for FDI Initiatives


In many cases, the group's division will not just act a support contractor for the foreign investment into the local markets, but instead will join with its own share creating a partnership into the new venture. The group will still continue to offer all the services to this new entity.


- Initial company setup, office space and temporary staff

- Market surveys

- Licensing and Investment management

- Legal and accounting services




Local Support and Consultancy for FDI Initiatives


Entering a new market, whether for the purpose of expanding current activities, or for the creation of new ventures, it is most important to have the necessary local knowledge for the markets that you are tapping into. The group's division will act as a support contractor for the foreign investment into the local markets, providing all the necessary know-how and services for the creation of a successful venture.


- Project individuation, initial company setup, office space and temporary staff

- Market surveys

- Licensing and Investment management

- Consultancy and legal and accounting services