Sunday, 16th of December 2018


Legal, Financial and Business Consultancy Division



Through a long presence in industry and operations spread over various sectors, the group has acquired a vast experience, knowledge, skill set and business acumen. All these combined together with the a formidable team for legal and financial consultancy forma a product that it is not easy to come by.


Since some years now, the group has a specialized service for consultancy. Through this service, the client is able to get a full scale and combined legal and financial support and also depending on the area that the client operates in will be able to get a full scale business consultancy and solution service offering for all of the necessary business needs.


The legal and financial consultancy are operated solely by our in-house staff. Through a combination of our in-house staff and our partners, we are able to generate consultancy solutions for any client needs, independently of what areas of operations they cover.

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