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CIT & Telecomunications Division



The CIT and Telecommunications divisions is focused on service and solution provision. We cover services and create bespoke products for our customers. Our technology and communications division, through its in house staff and partner companies offers a wide scale of services in the field. Our areas of expertise are:


- Networking Solutions, small to large scale


- Information Security services


- Communication Solutions, small to large scale


- Bespoke administration software solutions for commercial companies


- Web programming and design


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CIT and Telecoms P&S


Integrated Communication Solutions for Small to Large Enterprises and the Public Sector


The CIT & Telecommunications division offers full scale communications solutions for small, medium and large enterprises and the public sector. Whether you have a home office or a corporation with multiple offices and bases, we are able to find the best solution for you.


Information is a very valuable asset and the ability to share it with you colleagues is a necessity in current markets in order to be competitive. Our division will provide a the necessaary solution for your particular needs and oversee it until it's full implementation.




Information Security Solutions and Services


Information is a very valuable asset for any organisation. It security is paramount in order to be competitive in nowadays markets not to mention a necessity in order to gain your client's trust.


Our team and it's international partners will put leverage the necessary tools in order to provide the client with a cost effective and fully integrated solution for any and all of their information security needs.





Small, Medium, Large and Corporate Networking solutions


The group's CIT and Telecommunications division brings its know how and experience to provide a full scale integrated solutions providing networking solutions to all sized companies and corporations. The division provides clients with a cost effective plan and leverages its assets to oversee the implementation. The service can be complemented with our information security services in order to create a better control and security posture for the client.






Bespoke Management Software and Web Design and Solutions


Being able to automate processes and set up common standards across an organisation is a must in order to remain competitive in present markets. The gorup's CIT and Telecommunications divisions offers integrated, full scale solutions to management and administration software needs for clients.


Web presence and web based services have never been higher. Our web design service provision will offer the client a service platform on which to start building an online image brand, online services and also offer all the necessary online marketing tools for the client's needs.