Sunday, 16th of December 2018


Paving the Road to Success



Since its early days, sustainable growth through very thought processes has always been a focal point for the group's strategy. Experience and a great deal of volition to identify a strategy algorithm has brought us to recognising the main variables that when tweaked accordingly make a great plan.


Assets, be they capital, human, tangible or non tangible must be allocated and deployed in the right direction and so to have the best return. Achieving strategies and drafting plans, in nowadays market, with a more and more dynamic demands, normative thinking dictated by common patterns, might not be enough. The encouragement and support of new processes is a must. The people that perform all of paramount importance as a resource to our organisation. Providing an environment in which they feel free to grow, improve and expand is a must for us.


Markets are living organisms as the agents that comprise them. Dedication to a single field of work, is not longer suitable for the long run success in an environment that diversifies itself at a light speed pace. In order to be successful and be able to adapt quickly to new areas of diversification, having the necessary partners is a great plus. Investing into new and old business relationships and helping them grow is something we are great at.

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Innovative Corporate Governance


Predicting Trends


Being able to predict future market trends is one of the most valuable skills that our group has developed through long term experience in a series of very dynamic markets. Our capital composed of all different assets of value to the organisation, human, monetary, asset based, tangible and non-tangible, forms one of the most valuable group of assets under our umbrella. Operating in a dynamic environment, the ability to direct capital towards the next lucrative venture is, for most, not a very trivial deliverance.


With the latest events creating turmoil in the financial markets across the world’s strongest economies, aside of maintaining a strong financial posture the group was able to hold its position due to very thorough thinking and planning before redirecting capital assets into new ventures.


Delivering a strong position is an area that we thrive to excel in. Being able to analyse the best possible options is strongly based on the great skill that composes our team and on great data collection and management techniques.



1 + 1 = 3


Being able to think outside the box is a necessary skill in order to remain competitive in modern markets. Decision making paradigms, market trends, ideas, thought processes are changing all the time and at a light-speed pace. Creative thinking is not necessarily the ability to develop a parallel idea to your competitor. More often than ever, today, the most successful idea is the one that goes well and beyond the borders set by the determining patterns of what is already known.


We pride ourselves in being able to create the right environment for encouraging, supporting and sustaining the development of new ideas and processes. The orientation of our resources and capital towards development and innovation have always been a main driver for our business, keeping us continuously competitive in divisions and making us set newer and better standards for all.






Exploring New Horizons 


The spirit to never be afraid of entering new areas that was a driver since the groups origins still remains string today. Our group remains determined to expand ventures into current business operations as well as seeking new possibilities in which to direct our assets and apply our principles of good business and good governance.


We strongly rely on the highly regarded skills of our team to identify new areas and predict future market trends in order to support our expansion and diversification strategies.


Expanding Networks


Few great deeds are accomplished single hand-idly. The continuous desire to achieve fresher and larger goals, in order to meet ever growing market demand, requires more and more resources of all types, capital, human and asset based. More and more often, the necessity to join forces engages us in the search of new and better partnerships.


Our group, throughout the many years of its activity has learn to appreciate and value the advantage of a partner. We pride ourselves in the ability to select the right and best partners in order to achieve greater success in meeting modern market standards. Our partners, nowadays, are a cornerstone of our ability to deliver excellence and meet demands way and beyond our direct reach.








Investing in People


The people that form or team are by far one of the most valuable assets within our organisation. We believe that the best output is given in on environment where you are bale to get the best input. For this reason, we always make sure that within our organisation, each member of our team, has an opportunity to develop himself. Skill and experience are something that we pride ourselves on. Each member of the BIS ALBANIA Group is encouraged to develop his further.


We make sure that each member of our team has the possibility for development horizontally and vertically within our group. We always encourage cross departmental information sharing and experience exchange.