Sunday, 16th of December 2018


Committed to Excellellence 





Since the early start of the group, one of the main drivers, second to none, that has now become the backbone upholding the morality upon which the group sets newer, better and stronger values in the development of its products and services, has been the commitment to achieve further and better. Achieving sustainable growth for the group and for all operational divisions, while always improving quality and setting new and higher standards and reinforcing the pillars that serve as cornerstones for the group's reputation, has always been the main imperative.


Delivering necessary innovation as a response to dynamic market demand, whilst maintaining a steady and secure growth together with a guarantee of an investment in the people that make our team, is the load bearing pylon around which our mission is oriented.





Whilst expanding operations into new markets and having an impact on new lives, BIS ALBANIA GROUP, through the tradition that it has always carried, strongly believes in the integration of this expansion into the communities. Our growth is always based on good partnerships, whether long standing or new ones, trust and dedication.


Developing trust is not the easiest of ventures, nor is it the quickest to accomplish. It is however an important matter in the success of the long term goals of any business. Having a diverse range of operations and a multitude of partners that we work with, puts our group in a position where the need for trust is necessary. We need to place trust in the communities that we impact and they need to put their trust in us for the long haul.


BIS ALBANIA Group, strongly believes in its vision of transparency. Being transparent and open with partners, clients and communities is a stepping stone for the path towards building a good relationship based on a proven trustworthiness.


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