Sunday, 16th of December 2018


Setting Standards



The start of the 90's set a determining point for communities and economies in the region. Difficulties and uncertainty were not scarce at the time. A single man, with large entrepreneurial spirit, the right vision and great dedication and determination, had the courage to start setting the foundation on which BIS ALBANIA GROUP still relies on nowadays.


Since then, we the group has embodied the tradition to never back down but instead grow more powerful and resilient with each difficulty.


    "Setting new standards for the markets we operate in, providing an environment of excellent growth opportunities for our people and being a great partner to the communities that surround and support us are the main directives for our group"


A strong ability to embrace the best resources has always been a symbol of our business model. Our group's success relies much on the human resources it has. Our commitment to them is something that we have and always shall stand by. Providing an excellent environment for our staff is an imperative that the group has always kept at the top of its priorities. The success we achieve is not only based on the ability to find the right people, but also to keep them engaged and keep their interest and curiosity high so to maintain their commitment to excellence.


Having a long future ahead of us, and embodying long term growth as a vital part of each business plan, we always make sure to form a partnership with all communities whose life we touch. Operating in different fields, the group has more than a direct impact on many communities. It is these communities that provide exchanges and a vast potential for our long term goals, therefore, the direct collaboration and open dialog with these communities it is something that we commit to at each stage.


Having seen a dream of a single man, turning into a vision followed by enormous dedication in order to form what we are a part of today is a great privilege. We must not forget the ideals and principles that served as moral guidelines to get the group where it is today, while continuing to perform with the same dedication and commitment that Mr Fatos Pipa put forward as an example for us.


- Supervisory Board


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