Sunday, 16th of December 2018


A Vision becoming Reality



- "If one does not know to which port one is sailing, no wind is favorable" -

    Lucius Annaeus Seneca


What is today the BIS ALBANIA GROUP, started initially in 1991 in Tirana, Albania as a construction enterprise called ICO, Investments & COnstructions. The company was one of the very first private ventures in a country where the a change that impacted the very roots of every paradigm was happening. With great courage, enormous entrepreneurial ability, will to succeed and a goal in mind and a single man was able to attract the first flows of foreign investment into a country that had just become a great adventurous frontier to the world.


With a whole new country with freshly created markets and a great thirst for work, ICO went from being a small courageous initiative to an organisation employing a staff of over two hundred people in less than eighteen months.


Whilst not being easy to detect what way the wind was going to blow, the organisation expanded its operations very quickly diversifying its sectors into trade and partnerships with the growing investors that were eager to explore this new market.


With the initial vision of the early 1990's in mind, the BIS ALBANIA GROUP, consolidated all this experience and build up ability under one roof in 2010. The creation of the group is the embodiment of a vision started with great courage and followed by even greater dedication. The BIS ALBANIA GROUP nowadays is a leading company in the markets that it operates in for the products and services that it offers. The group's growth is strongly driven by the principles and morals that built its foundation over twenty years ago.

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