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The organisation finds the roots of its history in 1991. The fist venture of the group, at the time called ICO - Investments and COnstructions, was one of the first privately held companies to be registered in Albania after the start of the free market system. Starting its activity in the fields of construction and local support and partnership for foreign investment, the company created a very strong position in the market. Through great ability to size opportunity, in a new economy and a market that was as unpredictable as it was full of potential, the company grew strong. After less then eighteen months from its creation, ICO, was housing a team of over two hundred employees and was involved in a diverse range of activities.


One of the key points of the group's success has always been the ability to diversify and predict future market trends in a fluctuating economy going through a transitory period. These skills, are stronger than ever within the group's organisation and experience today, making us one of the most resilient competitors in the market.


Our group today, the same way since its early beginnings, upholds the same morals, principles and values that form our reputation. Trust is an utmost imperative for us at the beginning of every new business relationship. We pride ourselves in offering all our partners, be that new ones of old friends, a guarantee of success and are determined to continue building up on these pinnacles.


After more than twenty years of experience through a diverse range of businesses, today, BIS ALBANIA GROUP, is the result of a vast range of experiences and skills, housing in its team some of the best professionals. Our team is composed of the best and most excellent professionals for all the fields that we operate in.


Our promise to you to always move forward and improve, is the challenge that drives us every day.

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